You're not alone. You're just not connected yet!

BadgerSPILL aims to:

  • Connect UW-Madison students who are struggling with similar problems by providing them with a thread of identity-free messages of support, encouragement and resources from "Student Supporters" in that campus network
  • Be an informal outlet for stress and frustrations among peers, particularly when one might not be comfortable talking face-to-face with friends or professionals about it, or may be seeking an unbiased opinion
  • Provide unbiased, non-judgmental perspectives from 4-6 other Badgers so that students can get a diverse set of opinions and resources for dealing with various situations
  • Be available 24/7 when a student might be struggling late at night when few resources are available
  • Reduce feelings of loneliness for students who are feeling isolated by showing them that they are not alone in these hardships
  • Provide insight to the transition to college from same-aged Badgers who have been the spillers shoes
  • Promote UW-Madison campus resources. Research suggests that encouragement from peers who are "on the same level" tends to be better received by struggling students than if it were to come from an authority figure, increasing the chances that they will further seek out the recommended resources..