Badger SPILL was started at the University of Wisconsin- Madison by student Heidi Allstop in 2009 after she discovered that counseling couldn't always be the answer for college problems.

Badger SPILL quickly became a registered student organization on campus and by 2013 it has grown as an organization of over 300 student supporters.

You can find Badger SPILL at the fall & spring Student Org Fair, New Student Night at the Bookstore, Chancellor's Convocation, Stress Relief Fair, Suicide Prevention Walk, and All Campus Party.

This last academic year alone, close to 500 UW Madison students have submitted spills and gotten anonymous, non-judgmental advice from fellow Badgers.

So, whether you just found out your significant other was cheating, can't stand your roommate, are pissed that your favorite football team lost, are freaking out about packing on the freshman-15, or are stressed about school, SPILL ABOUT IT!

We'll connect you anonymously with a handful of other UW Madison students who have been there and are willing to support.

If you want more information about BadgerSPILL feel free to email

Or if you are interested in becoming a student supporter for BadgerSPILL please email