To respond to spills, you must first go through an online training to become a student supporter.

Training dates Spring 2020

Choose only one training session to attend. Each lasts about an hour, and you do not need to RSVP to attend.

  • We have completed a lot of online trainings this semester, thank you for your support! We appreciate it!

If you are interested, please email!If you have any questions or if none of the trainings listed above fit your schedule and you wish to schedule an individual training, please reach out to!

Please fill out this request form for your RSO/organization if interested in receiving a Badger SPILL Supporter group training by one of our SPILL representatives.Badger SPILL Supporter Group Training

Definition of a student supporter

A student supporter is a volunteer student who has gone through the training necessary to give clear, empathetic, and empowering support. They confidentially fill out a past struggles inventory that allows us to send them spills based on their prior experience and comfort with particular topics. These are fellow peers on campus who have decided that they want to help other students who are struggling by responding to several emails each semester.

What the commitment would entail

Seeing as Spill doesn’t have any meetings, being a student supporter is a relatively painless community service opportunity. Student supporters typically receive approximately 5-10 emails each semester, and commit to responding to each within 24 hours. It’s a great way to directly benefit other people on campus who are struggling!





Five Post Training Requirements:


2) Read training manual

3) Practice spill

4) Practice response

5) Contract

Big Events Fall 2019

  • 9.1 Sunday, New Student Night, 5pm-7pm, Location: University Bookstore
  • 9.9 Monday, Fall Public Service Fair, 2:45pm-6:15pm, Location: Gordan Dining and Event Center
  • 9.11 Wednesday, Fall Student Org Fair, 3:45pm set up - 8:15pm take down, Location: Kohl Center
  • 9.12 Thursday, Fall Student Org Fair, 4pm set up- 8pm take down, Location: Kohl Center
  • 9.13 Tuesday, Bascom Hill Sign Event for International Suicide Prevention Day
  • 9.15 Sunday, Self-Care Sundays and Craft Event, 2pm-3pm, Location: Biocommons in Steenbock Library
  • 9.26 Thursday, University Recreation & Wellbeing Rec Light of the Moon 5k, 6:45pm-9:15pm, Location: Natatorium
  • 10.8 Tuesday, 5pm-8pm, Gordons Dining and Event Center
  • 10.14 Monday, 11:30am-2pm, 333 East Campus Mall
  • 10.29 Tuesday, 11:30am-2pm, Union South
  • 11.13 Wednesday, 6pm-8pm, Memorial Union
  • 11.18 Monday, noon-2pm, Gordon Dining Center
  • 12.6 Friday, 2pm-5pm, Stress Relief Event with CCE (lip scrubs, pin maker, decorate SPILL or CCE mug, make your own hot chocolate!!!), Witte Hall, Rm 125

Big Events Spring 2020

  • 1.29 Wednesday, 3pm-6pm, Spring 2020 Public Service Fair, Gordon Dining and Event Center
  • 2.10 Monday, 4pm-7pm, Annual Healthcare Expo, Gordon Dining and Event Center
  • 2.11 Tuesday, 5pm-8pm, Student Organizations Fair
  • 2.24 Monday, 5:30pm-7:30pm, Gordon's Dining Center
  • Unfortunately, due to the spread COVID-19, we have to adjust our events after spring break. Please wait for our update. Thank you for your understanding and patience.