Hope everything is proceeding well for everyone! Despite the unprecedented influence from the pandemic, we still managed to continue our supporter training and spill processing. Here, I just want to say thank you to Student Spillers and Supporters for all of your hard work this semester and for being so accommodating during our online transition. You played an important part in supporting and trusting SPILL and we are very grateful! Wish you a great end to Spring 2020 semester! Take care!

Good news: We are still searching for applicants for the VP Finance and Webmaster position, so we extend our application deadline. Here's the position description files: Badger SPILL Webmaster Position Description.pdf and Badger SPILL VP Finance Position Description.pdf. If you are interested, please fill out 2020-21 SPILL Executive Board Application_ VP Finance.docx or 2020-21 SPILL Executive Board Application_ Webmaster.docx and email it to president.badgerspill@gmail.com and membership.badgerspill@gmail.com.

BadgerSpill is a peer-to-peer support network made OF and FOR UW-Madison students. Spill your guts here, confidentially, and you'll get feedback, empathy, and encouragement from fellow Badgers who can relate.
BadgerSpill is not a crisis network, and more serious issues should be directed to University Health Services, 911, or this Lifeline.

Tell us what's on your mind. But REMEMBER...
  • We are not trained as counselors.
  • We are not medical professionals.
  • We are not saying our approaches are the "right choice" or that our advice is perfect for every person and every situation.
  • We are just students who feel we can relate to what you're going through, and who want to give you a venue for letting problems out.



* In order to guarantee that we are connecting UW-Madison students with other UW-Madison students, we only accept Spills from "wisc.edu" email addresses.Your address will not be seen by anyone, though BadgerSpill holds the right to break confidentiality if we believe you are a threat to yourself or others.

Accept Terms and Conditions

If this is a medical emergency, please call 911, or thisUniversity Health Services, or call one of the 24-hour crisis lines:
1.800.273.TALK (1.800.273.8255), 866.4CRISIS (866.427.4747), or 1.800.SUICIDE (1.800.784.2433).